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Dog-Free Beaches in the UK with Beach Huts

We have put together all the dog-free beaches in the UK, so you can find the perfect spot for a relaxing seaside holiday.

Beach huts at Wells-next-the-Sea on North Coast of Norfolk

The UK is renowned for its beautiful coastline, offering everything from rugged cliffs to sandy shores. For many beachgoers, a day at the beach is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

Some people may find it difficult to find a beach without dogs if they prefer a dog-free beach experience. In this blog, we will look at some of the top beaches in the UK that do not allow dogs either all year or during the summer months. We will focus on beaches with cute beach huts for a classic seaside experience.

1. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex

West Wittering Beach is a pristine expanse of sand and sea on the Sussex coast. This Blue Flag beach is well-known for its clean waters, making it ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. From the 1st of May to mid-September, dogs are excluded from the Blue Flag zone area in front of the beach huts. From mid-September to April, dogs are welcome everywhere.

Beach Huts: West Wittering boasts an array of colourful beach huts that can be rented by the day or week. These huts provide a perfect base for your beach day, offering shade, storage, and a touch of vintage seaside charm.

2. Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands is famous for its vast stretch of sandy beach and impressive dunes. The beach is divided into zones, with specific areas designated as dog-free during the peak summer months. This makes it easy to find a spot to enjoy the sand and sea without any canine interruptions.

Areas near Camber Sands, such as Rye and Harbour have beach huts and beach chalets available to buy or for rent. These huts provide a cosy spot to unwind and enjoy the coastal scenery.

3. Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

Bournemouth Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the UK, known for its golden sand and lively atmosphere. During the summer, dogs are not allowed in the main parts of the beach, making it clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Beach Huts: Bournemouth Beach is famous for its brightly painted beach huts, which line the promenade. These huts are available for rent and provide a perfect base for your beach activities. With amenities such as deck chairs, tables, and sometimes even electric lighting, these huts add a touch of luxury to your beach day.

4. Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

Wells-next-the-Sea offers a picturesque beach experience with its wide sandy beach and beautiful pine forest backdrop. The beach has designated dog-free zones, so do double check you get in the right zone when you get there.

Beach Huts: The beach huts at Wells-next-the-Sea are famous for their vibrant colours and unique designs. Situated on stilts, these huts offer stunning views of the beach and are available for rent. They provide a great base for storing your beach gear, enjoying a picnic, or simply relaxing with a book.

5. Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Frinton-on-Sea is known for its quiet and family-friendly atmosphere. The beach is dog-free from May to September, ensuring a clean and serene environment for beachgoers.

Beach Huts: Frinton-on-Sea has a wonderful selection of traditional beach huts that line the promenade. These huts can be rented for the day or week and provide all the essentials for a comfortable beach day. With their vintage charm and convenient location, they are a perfect addition to your seaside experience.

6. Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Woolacombe Beach is a long, sandy beach in North Devon, known for its cleanliness and beauty. Between the beginning of April until 30th September dogs are not allowed between the rocks at the north end of the beach and the stream.

Beach Huts: Woolacombe has many beach huts you can rent to relax, store your things, and enjoy the beach comfortably.

7. Whitby Beach, North Yorkshire

Whitby Beach, with its dramatic cliffs and historic abbey, offers a unique coastal experience. Dogs are not allowed from the West Pier to the East side of the beach steps area during the summer.

Whitby has colourful beach huts along the promenade, adding a fun and useful touch to your beach day. These huts can be rented and offer basic amenities for a comfortable visit.

8. Scarborough South Bay, North Yorkshire

Scarborough South Bay is a bustling beach with plenty of activities and amenities. Dogs are banned from the main beach area during the summer months.

Beach Huts: Scarborough has a range of beach huts available for hire. These huts are well-maintained and provide a great spot to enjoy the seaside views and activities.

9. Southwold Beach, Suffolk

Southwold Beach is famous for its colourful beach huts and pier. However, dogs are banned between 1 April - 30 September, from a point adjacent to the northernmost extremity of the promenade (at the northern end of the beach huts) to a point adjacent to the southernmost extremity of the promenade (Gun Hill Café).

Beach Huts: The iconic beach huts at Southwold are available for rent and offer a quintessential British seaside experience. They provide a great base for a day at the beach with all the necessary amenities.

10. Broadstairs Beach, Kent

Broadstairs Beach, particularly Viking Bay, is a picturesque sandy beach with a charming promenade. Dogs are restricted during the peak season.

Beach Huts: Broadstairs has several beach huts to buy or for hire, offering a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the seaside atmosphere. These huts are well-equipped and conveniently located.

11. Filey Beach, North Yorkshire

Filey Beach is a large, sandy beach known for its cleanliness and family-friendly atmosphere. Dogs are banned from the main beach area during the summer months.

Beach Huts: Filey offers beach huts along the promenade that can be rented. These huts provide a comfortable place to store belongings and take a break from the sun.

12. Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Hunstanton Beach, known as "Sunny Hunny," is famous for its unique red and white cliffs. Dogs are banned from certain sections during the summer.

Beach Huts: The beach huts at Hunstanton are a delightful feature, offering a place to relax and enjoy the sea views. They can be rented and come with basic amenities.

13. Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

Lytham St Annes is a traditional seaside resort with a lovely sandy beach. Dogs are allowed on the beach all year except for the central section between the lifeboat station and pier.

Beach Huts: The beach huts at Lytham St Annes are available for hire and offer a charming and practical spot to enjoy the beach. They are well-equipped for a comfortable day by the sea.


The UK boasts a wide array of dog-free beaches, each offering its unique charm and amenities. Whether you want peace or excitement at the beach, there's a perfect spot without dogs for everyone to enjoy. The addition of a beach hut makes your beach day more comfortable and convenient, for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. So, explore these fantastic dog-free beaches and make the most of your seaside adventures!

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