Shepherds Hut Insurance

Welcome to Love Your Shepherd’s Hut.

We understand the needs of a shepherd’s hut owner to find specialist insurance that provides the cover to protect your hut. That’s why you need an insurer with over 15 years of experience providing insurance.

Aren't I already covered with my home insurance policy?

Unfortunately not all the time! Your shepherd’s hut is not necessarily covered under your home insurance policy as it is not classed as a general outbuilding. Whether it’s in your own garden, a field or a wood, we can insure your hut.

We have visited manufacturers to ensure that we understand all about shepherd’s huts, to see how they are constructed and the special bespoke nature of the hut. We know to what a high standard these are built and how valuable they can be to you, both financially and sentimentally. This is why we have tailored our offering to provide a bespoke insurance cover for shepherd’s huts that meets your insurance needs whether it is for your personal use or if you are letting the hut out.

  • Bespoke wording
  • Old or new huts, the hut and its contents
  • Nil policy excess
  • Discounts for voluntary excesses.
  • Market leading policy including cover for letting out
  • No deduction to your claims settlement if your Shepherd’s Hut is underinsured
  • Flexible and experienced underwriting
Shepherds Hut
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